Inspire Greatness!


  An International Conglomerate Company

Generations of hard works united into one

Wisaze (we-sate) Group is an international conglomerate company based in Thailand with long history of business operations such as ruby manufacturing, merchandising, textile trading, airline client service, magazine publishing, hotel management and land development. The legacies have been passed on and combined into one diversified conglomerate identity.

The company's name originates from a Thai word meaning greatness or can also be a combined word of wise and amaze. It is our vision to be outstanding in all aspects beyond solely financial status for sustainability in everything that we do in order to build TRUST and long lasting RELATIONSHIPS with clients and partners.

Our mission is to make positive impacts to the world and influence the society with innovative thinking, thorough planning and solid execution.

Our values encompass the following elements: persistence, integrity and innovation.

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