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Wisaze Energy

Power Without Boundaries
Introducing WE Battery, a portable power source designed for appliances and devices utilizing alternative energy and sustainability principles.

An all-in-one solution for energy storage
- Sufficient electricity for habitation
- Accept high and low voltages
- Compatible with solar system
- Ease of maintenance and repair
- Can be handled by single person
- Safety per SAE standards

EV Technology

WE Battery can also be designed and customized for electric vehicles to achieve required size, power, operating distance and charging consideration.

We'll work with you to determine your system requirements including kWh, Ah, max. watt, dimensions and weight.

Let us be the solution provider of complete battery life cycle for your projects.





The work of WE Battery involves beyond simply putting together a battery pack. It is an ecosystem of energy storage and mobility including product design, logistics, supply chain and industrialization that creates the feasibility of bringing the invention to the market by utilizing innovation, technologies and imagination. 

Thanik Nithiphanthawong - Inventor

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